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Micro Trail Pro

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The Leki Micro Trail Pro is an excellent Foldable Trail Stick or Compact Nordic Walking Stick! Versatile thanks to its extremely light rod made of 100% carbon. Trigger Shark 2.0 and Trigger Shark Active Strap for better support


The push button mechanism allows quick and easy implementation and folding of the sticks. The comfortable new handles associated with the Trigger 2S system as well as the super lightweight and stiff carbon sections will bring even more pleasure to each of your hikes.


Versatile and very light thanks to its 100% carbon tube, this stick adds a Trigger Shark 2.0 handle that combines with an active Trigger Shark strap provides direct power transfer and a perfect fit. 

Grip: Trigger Shark 2.0 (2 components)

Bracelet: Trigger Shark (Active)

Segments: 4 pieces

Tube diameter: 16/14/14/14 mm

Tube material: 100% carbon (HM)

Upper part: 100% carbon (HM)

Bottom part: 100% carbon (HM)

Tip: Trail Tip

Length / Size: 105 cm 130 in 5 cm

Conditioning: 38 cm

Weight: 188 g / Unit 

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Dit product heeft geen beschrijving